He Played!

I have some exciting news I want to shout from the rooftops!


We got home from the cottage in the afternoon on Labor Day.  Nolan directed daddy to the toys and Daddy picked him up to allow him to show Daddy what he wanted.  Nolan pointed to and picked up a soccer ball with Mickey on it–we called it a mousekeball after one of his favorite episodes.  He set it down and kicked it!  He kicked it around for a while and then he hit it. When we told him to kick it again he did!  You guys!  Nolan played with a toy!

Later that day we went to Monday dinner at my in-laws and Nolan and his cousin Calvin were running around the coffee table and laughing!  Nolan plays duck duck goose in his ABA center so I think he was modeling it after that!  We didn’t get video or pictures but we (all the adults) sat there in AWE my jaw literally dropped as he played!  He played with a Peer!

On Sunday September 3–2 years after we self-diagnosed Nolan with Autism, Nolan played with a toy and a peer.

There are varying feelings about ABA therapy–we personally feel it has been great for Nolan.  Even greater that it is in a center and there are peers and interaction daily.  They have home visits and parent meetings so we can talk about what we WANT him to learn to do.  Because of this team approach, my main concerns–communication and playing are growing and improving.

Yay Nolan!

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