Language growth & Perspective

It is all about perspective.  Nolan has recently been making some gains in language (YAY!) and these are HUGE for him.  A NT almost 4 year old?  Not a big deal at all.  Stella (NT 2 year old) nope, this is nothing for her either.  But for Nolan, it is HUGE!

My last post I spoke of the thief that Autism is.  It is hard to see all that is taken away, but it so.freakin.exciting when things start to grow!  I want to make sure that parents who are going through this and parents who are not also understand, its a roller coaster.  It is so many downs, but it is so so many ups….and I think we get to appreciate the ups more because of the downs.

Nolan started wanting to talk.  You guys, he wants to tell me something.  When he wants more, he tried to tell me what it is. When we show him a color, he is trying to say its name again.  When we want him to copy us, he is trying to copy us.  This kid finally is making the connection between thoughts/feelings/needs in his head actually getting  getting met when he tries to tell us what that is.

Months ago, we had silence. It was radio silence in here.  We would never know if he was full or wanted more…we just kept putting more on his plate until he stopped eating (waisting a lot of food if he was actually done).  He would just cry when he wanted something-now he pulls you to it AND attempts a word.  He used to want something and if we guessed wrong he would still just take the thing we guessed. Now he wants something and keeps trying to share what it is until it is the right thing. He is really trying copying.

img_1727His words may not be right, he may have his own words for something, and we may still play a game of hide and seek but we are getting better!  Yummy or gimmie is soda (7up-yes it is soda, no we don’t love that he wants it, but we also want so bad to reinforce language = results so we are allowing it moderation–he still hears no when he’s had plenty–we are also trying to sub in sparkling flavored water).  Side is outside.  Sickle is popsicle.  Piggy is a piggyback ride.  Swing, push, go all mean more swing.  All Done is actually starting to mean that.  Potty means he has to go (cried me no still).  He will take you to our room where he saw a cup last and show you a cup if he is thirsty and you don’t understand what he was saying (which is real fun when you have your mother in law babysitting so you hide all the things in your bedroom and shut the door and when he is thirsty and he is trying to tell her that he leader her to the last place he remembers seeing water– your night stand– so he leads grandma right into the disaster zone-whatever he got water and I’m kind of a slob).

This kid is a unique little guy–we are still trying to figure out how he will communicate best and the best ways to help him, but I promise you, the party is happenin’ over here!

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