How we Lit it up Blue

Autism awareness month is great. We tell our story, Autism and the fight and excellence are mentioned a lot and awareness really is growing!  It warms my heart.  It really does.  Please remember though, our kids still have learning difficulties, language problems, meltdowns, and awesomeness year round.  Take all you learn in April and carry it through the year.  April is Autism Awareness month, but every month is Autism acceptance month.

World Autism day was the day after Easter.  It was my first day of work, Nolan had school all day, Alex worked all day, Stella goes to my moms on Mondays.  We wore blue but didn’t get to spend any time together.

Our make up day was Tuesday.  We all dressed in blue again and went and visited the local police station that has an Autism support car.  They spoiled the kids with Easter baskets, going behind the wheel, turning on the lights. and more! It was so fun!  Nolan also gave them some of his puzzle pins he and Stella make.  After that, we took the kids to  Chuck E Cheese.  The kids had a blast eating pizza, playing games, and mostly riding rides.  So many smiles it was a good day!  PLUS we had our first moms not in the picture mascot picture!  Nolan is the brave one and Stella will be ok as long as Nolan is between them.

As soon as we can get the extended families together, we worked out light it up blue photos.  We love that we have the support of both of our families in a way that they dress up in blue, tolerate photos, and love Nolan unconditionally.


We fundraised for theWalk 4 Autism by selling Cards for a Cause. With the proceeds of the cards and my commission, we are able to donate $500 dollars!

We also did a bracelet challenge with Stella & Dot.  Our goal was to sell 20 bracelets to donate the proceeds to the Holly Rod Foundation.  We sold our 20 bracelets!


The walk was a lot of fun.  Cold, but fun!  We had about 40 people on our team all there to support Nolan!


Our public school decorated and promoted in the halls and with dress up days.  It is amazing to feel supported by your center, but even more amazing to be supported by your PUBLIC school!

Organizations, schools, family, and friends are amazing. We thank them every day for the love and support.  Please, help where you can and always love one another.  We are different, its ok to notice, its not ok to judge.

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