Potty Training

1D84SvwISEizEW0+38+KYgThis post has been sitting as a draft in my posts for almost a year.  We have literally been trying to potty train without stressing about it for that long.  Nolan got a potty seat at 18 months when he showed interest…..he is over 3.5.  We have tried many different ways and he just wasn’t ready to get it.  I know boys can take longer and he will get it when he is ready, but I wasn’t sure how sensory issues/Autism factored into it.  I was trying not to get frustrated that he was falling behind on another milestone, knowing if he can he will when he is ready.

Potty training has to be the most difficult, dreaded, and abstract thing I have ever had to teach.  I know it is not his fault.  I know his brain is not ready to get it yet.  I know that I cannot MAKE him care he is wet (or even notice).  I have been waiting for a sign while providing many, many, MANY opportunities.

Well, Saturday Nolan had school 8-1.  I read his daily report and it said he was dry and tried at 12:20–meaning his last wet diaper was at 10:30am.  We got home and I put him on the potty and Stella down for a nap.  By the time I got down from putting Stella down, he had gone!  We danced and cheered and gave candy.  Then, I set an alarm for 1/2 hour and let him go naked.

The timer rang, I signed potty and told him to go sit on the potty.  He did willingly.  He peed and pooped.  More dancing, more cheers, more candy.  Set the timer again.  NO ACCIDENTS and NO DIAPER.

Come Sunday, Nolan was getting the hang of this and didn’t want to drink anything because then he would have to go.  BUT I made him sit (with iPad-not complete torture) until he went, then dance, cheer, and treats. Then timer again.  He had to sit longer, but he was doing it.  Then, I put him on the potty and went up stairs to get ready.  He came upstairs and got in his Boston’s Bed Soxz naked (one of his favorite things to do). I took him by the hand and directed him down to the potty only to discover he had gone and only came upstairs afterwards.

Now, don’t get me wrong, we have a long journey ahead and a lot of time, energy, and laundry ahead of us, but ABA Center is on board to help out!  SO, tomorrow he is home with us for more practice, and Wednesday he is going to school with underwear, a timer/alarm, treats, and A LOT of pants.

Fingers crossed!

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