Autism Awareness Day

love.autimsThe day is here!  We are so excited to celebrate Autism Awareness and helping bring Autism into light.

We, unfortunately, will not have time to spend together as a family of 4 today.   Last night, after I went to bed at 11pm, Nolan woke at 2am.  I sat with him and patted his back until he went back to sleep at 5:15.  I finally went to sleep until Alex woke him for school, got them all decked out in their blue and left.  Since Monday is errand/computer day, Stella and I took a couple quick photos and she went to grandmas.  I will pick Nolan up and bring him to Grandmas while I go to my first day of spring recreational gymnastics that I will be teaching.  Daddy will pick up from Grandmas and hang out with them this evening.  I will get home when they are in bed.  Tomorrow we will celebrate and take pictures.

Why is Autism Awareness day important?
* Most of Nolan’s ABA therapists did not go to school to be therapists, but SOMETHING spoke to them to go into this field.  Maybe by creating awareness, it will be the spark someone needs to go into this field!
* Kids notice differences.  They will be quick to point out someone who is different and no filter when they do, but if a parent can explain that we are all different and they are still special in their own way, they will accept that.  Children are also very compassionate and loving.
* Research, research, research.  The more funding that can go to research, the more we can learn how to make the lives of these children enhanced.  How we can help them.  What services will help them communicate, strengthen skills, be all they can be.
* ABA, OT, S/L, Social Programs, supplies, aides, etc are expensive.  By funding programs that help make these accessible to all children, you are helping more children reach their potential with the love and support that helps them grow!
* Parents often feel like they have no idea what they are doing, but if people can all band together and put a united front towards helping the children, it makes a parent feel less alone, like they are fighting one less battle, and they are doing a good job–even if their job looks different.

Ways to help:
* When you see a parent struggle, smile or offer help. They want to feel your compassion, not your scorn.
* Explain to your kids everyone is different and that is what makes the world great–it would be so boring with out all the variety.
* Support Autism walks, fundraisers, and such.  Help get money where it can help kids be all they can be.
* Wear Blue, Wear Autism love apparel, Wear Autism Awareness jewelry. Spread knowledge and love.


4 been purchased already!

We are running a bracelet challenge.  Consider purchasing a bracelet–When you do the funds help with research and programs, and when someone asks about your awesome bracelet, you can explain what it represents (Autism Awareness) and right there you spread it!  We would love the support!

There is a local Autism Walk on April 28th here.  I am sure there is one there too!  Consider joining in! (Our is Friends of Autism our team is Strollin’ 4 Nolan)


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