Autism Awareness Day (month)

Prepping for Autism Awareness Day (April 2) and month (April) is well underway.  Autism awareness day is a day we make a holiday.  (You have seen my love of decorating for holidays–especially my mantle).  We are so proud to have Nolan in our life as well as the resources available to help him grow. The resources are possible thought funding of organizations, research on Autism, and people being aware of Autism and working in the fields that are there to help (ABA, special education teachers, speech/language, occupational therapy, etc).  Each time we get the support of family and friends it means the world, but educating everyone is a great feeling–because it provides Autism research with funding and families like ours with support.

On Autism awareness day (April 2) we dress up in blue or puzzle pieces.  Autism awareness month has its own set of holiday decorations–blue light on the porch, puzzle piece pins, wreath for the door, etc.  We go big.

(this is last years images)

I got Nolan an amazing shirt last year from On A Mission Apparel.  It is so wonderful and I love it so much I bought it again in the next size up!

Stella got a bow from Bellisibows,  and a shirt from Lil Emerald Boutique.

We have many shirts that support Autism awareness.  I purchase them from a variety of locations but the most common are: AutismSpeaks and newly discovered (and love that they donate to Autism as well!) PiperLou Collection.

THEN we got a partnership with Gabbowlous Boutique and they had Autism bows AND bow ties, so we invested in one of each those too! If you purchase in March or April you can use our discount code: Gabbowlousfam and mention Gloudemans in message to seller 🙂

Apparel is great because it is personal and it walks with you.  You area walking billboard or support and understanding.

Last year, we were just coming into this diagnosis and it was our first year celebrating.  Right around that time, a facebook friend posted that she made an awesome burlap wreath. I got it in my mind to make a wreath that fit my style and showed my support, so I messaged her for the link on how-to. (here and here).  I took the both kids to the craft store and dollar tree to get the supplies.  I then had Nolan paint the puzzle pieces (dollar tree puzzle) and glued them on the wreath I completed according to the directions (Wreath frame, burlap (5″x15 in, I got 2) & ribbon from Joann).

Will you be showing your support for Autism this year?  Stay tuned for our celebrations post! Go Blue for Autism!


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