One Milestone

Being an Autism mom is full of many hills and valleys.ย  On your hill days, you are full of pride, feel like you somewhat have a hang of things and you are on a roll–and then on your valley days (some days they are as big as the Grand Canyon), you feel useless, like you have no idea what you are doing, and tears flow freely.

In my last valley day I told Alex, “I just want him to hit ONE milestone on time.ย  I know he has his challenges, but there has to be ONE thing he can do on time.”

Things are hard when they are delayed.ย  Don’t get me wrong, I know Nolan is going to do things when/if he is ready and I am proud for every.single.accomplishment he makes.ย  It just gets hard when you always feel like you are playing catch up in what you are working on to get him “ready for school.”ย  Our school district is great and reassures us the school with work to help Nolan, not expect Nolan to be ready for them–but that doesn’t stop us from working to have him “catch up” and be ready to work with his peers on their level.ย  BUT as a former 4k teacher, I know what is coming.ย  I know what would be “the ideal to know at this age.”ย  So I keep working, we keep working, he keeps working.

Then, God heard my prayers/pleas.ย  On Friday March 16 at 9am, I was telling Nolan to put on his coat and pointed to the arm holes like we have been working on for 2 weeks AND HE DID IT HIMSELF!ย  My Nolan Alex hit a milestone that is typical for a 3 year old!ย  He put on his own coat!ย  I taught that skill to some of my 4kers so I KNOW this is something his age can/should do!

The amount of pride souring through my body for this kid is so much I cannot even fully put it into words. I love you Nolan Alex! I am so proud of how hard you have been working and I cannot wait to keep working though milestones with you.

(video from Saturday–the next day.ย  Ignore my voice I was working to get his attention and this was video 5/6 since he wasn’t giving my his attention before that….and then I am proud and sound goofy)

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