Hello!  I am so excited to be more of a resource to moms of their own zoo and autism moms.  I want to provide more info to you and to do that I had to get organized.  Then, I realized my organization may just be a way I can help other moms!

I recently made an instagram story about this and if you have instagram (app-I haven’t figured out on the website yet), you can go to things I made/Organize to see the story!


I have multiple roles in my life, so I have a list of to do for each role each day.  I date the top right corner, then write that day’s jobs when every I think of them. Sunday I write out the week, but then I add things as I think of them (and lets face it as they come up –Kid threw up on sheets on Monday, add wash and fold sheets to Tuesday.)

I also put the weeks menu for at least dinner but some breakfast and lunch too so I know if I have to thaw meat or not.



img_3278 I laminated all the pages and 3 hole punched them to put into a small binder I had in my old teacher things.

I write all my jobs in permanent marker so they don’t wipe off the pages if I turn them or brush them.  I then to do the cool dry erase marker trick (color over permanent marker with dry erase marker and erase and both come off!).  I then cross off with dry erase and it doubles as erases.  (Though, confession, sometimes I do a check mark for done so I can show my husband how much I did that day and cross off later.  This includes when I did something not on the list–I add it and check it off)

img_3277I use the back page for things that I would eventually like to do and write down so I have a running list.  I also used this page for meds.  Need to take meds 2x a day for 10 days?  I made 10 rows of 1 and 2 and crossed off each time I gave them.  worked great (except that one missed dose, oops)





Since it is a binder, I also have front pockets.  I was sick of bills getting put in a random pile or they were on the counter until guests game and then they were shoved, or they got coffee on them (can you see the coffee?!?).  Putting them in this pocket keeps them close, when bills is on the list it is in a designated location, and if guests come I simply close and put the binder away.

Here is the thing, not all of you are an Usborne, blogging, mom (though if you would want to be one or all I would love to help you out!)


So if you comment on the blog or message me on Instagram or Facebook pages, I will personalize your categories for you AS A FREEBIE!

Happy Organizing!

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