White, Blue, Red-What car do you own?

We had quite the interesting venture to the new car…

On Saturday January 13, 2018, my brother in law married the love of his life and I got a new sister in law. On our way to the wedding, I was driving 4 bridesmaids, 6 bridesmaid dresses, the bride’s dress, the steamer, a cooler, a bridesmaids pump, 5 bags containing boots, coats, scarves, and hairspray, the video camera (I was their videographer) and tri-pod, and so much more from the hair appointment to the church. We were supposed to be there at 11:45.

11:43, 10 blocks from the church my car will.not.move. It is on, I give it gas, rpms go up, exhaust (it was below zero windchills!), noise of pushing the gas but no go. We get the flashers on, and my sister in law tries to call Mr. Zookeeper (the best man) but her phone can’t make outgoing calls. Ok, she grabs my phone (first I couldn’t find it as I am panicking we are stopped at light blocking traffic but she found it on my lap 🤦🏻‍♀️) and she calls.  He is only minutes away, so he is quickly on his way.

Through all this, a nice man that was stuck behind us knocks on the window and asks if we need help. We graciously accept. The back row of bridesmaids get out-hair done for the wedding into the below zero. 2 bridesmaids and the Good Samaritan push and one bridesmaid stops traffic as we go through a red light doing a left turn. We make it to the best wash. 😅

I then call the police to ask them to please not tow—we were on our way to the wedding. She said we made it to private property so they won’t tow, but best wash might-write a note. Only paper I had in the car was business cards so I beg best wash not to tow on a tiny business card I leave on my dash. 🤦🏻‍♀️ The best man, my best man,  the bridesmaids empty my trunk at lightening speed and get it all in the father of the bride’s truck my husband drove. Thought it felt like hours, we were only 10 minutes late!

We left it there until Sunday morning when my family went to try and help. They couldn’t, so we called a tow and they took it to the dealer we bought it from because we weren’t sure if there was a warranty still.  They aren’t open on Sundays so we had to wait until Monday.

Monday they let us know it was something about the something that effects the transmission (our eyes glassed over as they were explaining) and the cost was over the number/line we made prior.

Tuesday we got a sitter and test drove 4 cars.  We were debating between 2 but I fought for the newer, all wheel drive one in the color I liked.  My husband lives by the Happy Wife Happy Life slogan so he gave in.  We signed all the paper work for a 2015 Chevy Traverse with AWD in Blue Velvet.

When we got home, like any person who gets a new car, I started pushing all the buttons, figuring out bluetooth, etc.  The bluetooth was not working how we expected. I told it to call Alex and it kept calling an Alex (in a voice that was not mine) that was not my husband. (Sorry Alex in Fond du Lac, we didn’t mean to call you 5 times).

Wednesday we bring it back asking for help with the Bluetooth.  Turns out we don’t have the system we thought we had in the radio and it was never going to operate in the way we had thought.  That in itself wasn’t the problem, but I fought for the more expensive car thinking it had this, if it didn’t them I didn’t need the more expensive car.  After fighting with myself and my wants vs needs and talking to the dealers, we ended up getting a different car that had what we wanted for the price we paid.  Thank you to Bergstrom Chevy of Appleton, you are amazing to work with.  BUT we have to get Stella down for a nap so we have to leave and we will be back Friday to clean out everything out again, take carseats out again, and sign everything again.  In the mean time, we are still driving the blue car.

Friday, we bought a 2015 Chevy Traverse with AWD, tech package in Ruby metallic.  I literally have nothing else to say besides:


When you think you are crazy for being picky about what goes in your car-remember I am crazier.  We all have our version of crazy, its finding the people/significant other that still works around your crazy.  Thank you Mr. Zoo Keeper.  You don’t need to keep me, you don’t need to appease me, and you definitely don’t need to follow Happy Wife, Happy Life mentality, but you do: day after day.

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