Nolan is Blazing into 3!

Version 2

Nolan is blessed to have the best daddy.  When we were planning what we were going to do for Nolan’s birthday, we wanted to do something that he would really enjoy.  We were weighing Chuck E Cheese, Sky Zone, etc. and suddenly Daddy says, “what if we did a sensory day at home.  All the stuff Nolan loves they can do, too! ” Genius.  Daddy is a genius.

We collected all of Nolan’s favorite things: trampoline, swings, slide, sandbox, water table, play doh, pool, hose, ball pit, fans, bubbles, and ice cubes and put them in the yard.  We prayed for the rain to hold off, but made rain plans of shoving as much in the garage as we could.  We got all the Blaze things ready and at party time the rain held off and everyone had so much fun!

It is amazing that though Nolan is REALLY struggling with language right now we could do something we know he likes because we know him.  We found things that make him smile and ran with it.  Friends and cousins came and played and enjoyed those things with him.  He was able to have fun next to friends and maybe his friends learned a thing or two they can do WITH him.

Nolan is one special boy born after the coldest Wisconsin winter on record, born on his due date (only 4% of babies do that!) and then his 3rd birthday being on the day of the first full solar eclipse since 1919!  We know he’s special but it looks like the world is reminding us as well!

Happy Birthday Nolan Alex!  Mommy, Daddy, Stella (& Doggies too) are excited to see what the next year has in store!

And naturally it wouldn’t be my life if the party went with out a hitch.  A few hours before the party Alex noticed a wasp nest.  3 bottles of spray later, they are gone, but I got stung.  My hand was swollen for 2/3 days, but I finally have knuckles back!

wasp sting 8/21/17


I received no compensation from any of these vendors but would highly recommend all of them with 5 stars.

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