Importance of Friendship

img_9027I was approached on Nolan’s birthday by a dear friend.  She asked to speak to me and pulled me aside.  She shows me an adorable {hand arranged} vase telling me this is why she pulled me aside.  She wanted me to know that she knows this year has been hard.  She knows this diagnosis has been hard.  She knows I have been working my tail end off to give Nolan every think I can, and I am doing great.  With tears in my eyes she hands me the flowers and tells me she really values MY friendship and having me in HER life.

She’s right, this has been a heck of a year, but to have someone notice, to have someone care, to have someone pull me aside to tell me was an amazing feeling.  I have been wrapped up in all that goes into this diagnosis (therapy, research, advocacy, paper work, etc, etc) and felt I was being neglectful of my friendships and she tells me the exact opposite.

My point is this.  Diagnosis is hard.  A child with special needs is hard.  But friendships are the glue that helps you keep going.  Find your friends, let your friends help you, let your friends talk to you.  Find friends with similar situations, find friends that dont for a breath of fresh air. Value friendships.  They will give you the strength, love, and courage to keep going and being the kick butt mom you are being. And thank you, dear friend, for telling me I’m doing a good job, for telling me I am a good friend, and for telling my I am being successful at this mom thing.  I did need to hear that.

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