Quick & Easy Christmas Tree Treats

It’s the holiday season!  At our house that means a lot of parties a lot of weekends in a row.  This also often means a dish to pass.  The last 2 years I have gotten a dessert and I wanted it to look cute and like I put a lot of work into it with out actually putting a lot of work into it.  A quick pinterest search and I found these Christmas Tree Brownies.  I just peeked at the picture and thought, I can do that easy! 

I bought all my ingredients at Aldi.  2 boxes of brownie mix, green quick setting cookie decorating frosting, and sprinkles that either have stars or snowflakes and small glitter like sprinkles.  

I line a pan with foil making sure it sticks out of the pan on all 4 sides (9×13).  I spray the insides with oil (I put olive oil in my pampered chef oil spritzer).   I make the brownies according to the directions.  As soon as they are done, I take the foil out of the pan and put the foil on the cooling racks.  This allows them to cool faster and make sure the sides peel away right away.

I then use a pizza cutter and cut the pan down the middle length wise.  I then cut my first tree.  I then keep the diagonal pattern going.  There will be 4 pieces “wasted” I prefer to say taste tested on the sides.  Nolan likes these and it keeps his fingers out of my frosting.  

I then frost a couple, and do the sprinkle before it sets. 

I then do the other side while the first side sets. 

I then place in a pan in a decorative fashion (I saved a taco dip tray to use for such occasions) on the tray and do the same with the second pan/box.  

Easy as can be and pretty cute if I do say so myself!  Now can this be more elaborate?  Absolutely! You do grandmas famous brownie recipe and homemade frosting.  You sub applesauce for oil.   I just wanted to share the shortest cut one can take and you can make it what you will! 

Happy Baking and Merry Christmas! 

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