Sorting & storing new baby items

With all these small shop shout outs, I obviously have a lot of cool items (keep watching, there are more coming!)  With all the registry perks I posted about that means even more stuff.  This means I need a way of organizing and storing all of these items before baby comes.  Also, with all my nesting nature, this has really helped me.

img_4311Nolan’s closet has the most extra room.  I didn’t need a whole lot of room, but just a system.  We recently got these boxes in the kids closets so they seemed like a good place to start.





img_4310I took all the items I have purchased from small shops, hand me downs, and the registry boxes and sorted them into categories: feeding/nursing, bath/lotions, diapering, clothing, photo props, hospital bag, extras, and coupons.  I then decided, based on size, what pile was going in what box.  I then took the boxes and put them back in Nolan’s closet (boxes in the doored cabinets).  Now when I get a couple odds and ends (either from a new registry, gift, or purchase) I can put it in the corresponding box.

I feel better when things are organized.  Things don’t look cluttered and when I am ready to set up baby’s area(s) it should be a quick process since I can just distribute the box to the location.  Also, having a hospital box can allow me to weed out what I want and don’t, sort them into the right place if I change my mind, and grab when it is time (the bag is in there waiting to be packed.)







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