Nemechek Protocol Update

img_4600This right here is our “Nolan’s corner.”  Filled with his Omega 3 gummies, his Omega 9 Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), and his Inulin Fiber powder. He gets his own set of measuring spoons to use every day (we don’t need to wash if they are used in the same thing every day), his pastry brush to brush EVOO on everything we can, & a cup and spoon to dissolve the colorless/tasteless inulin in his 7up.  The great thing with this protocol is adding a couple things to his day can help his brain.  We are working to reduce the Omega 6 oils but its not necessary to do a big diet or cut anything.  This is awesome because that is where you lose us on a protocol.

img_4594Breakfast includes a Fish Gummy and some Soda with 1/4t Inulin.  Dinner is the same.  We get the EVOO in any way we can.  For breakfast, it has worked drizzled on waffles under syrup, stirred into oatmeal, cooking a pancake in it, and drizzled over a muffin giving it time to absorb.  A new typical lunch includes: a main dish brushed with EVOO, a sure fire thing he loves (EVOO if its not weird) a fruit, and sometimes a veggie.  This is a peanut butter sandwich brushed with EVOO inside, an egg (he loves eggs) drizzled with EVOO, and Kiwi (drizzled with EVOO).  He didn’t eat the kiwi, he devoured the egg, and ate a small amount of the sandwich (which I then served for dinner and he ate).  For Dinner, it has worked on spaghetti, cooking grilled cheese in it, and stirred into mac n cheese.   He loves soda so if we are desperate, we can pour some in his soda.  He doesnt love it and does notice but his love for soda often allows him to push it down. That is only if he didnt eat anything that day with enough EVOO in it.  It has not been too difficult to do this protocol though it was stressful trying to plan out how to get it all in.  It is pretty routine now.

img_4613We have been journaling what we give and when to allow us to 1) be sure we did it 2) not have to ask if the other did, and 3) to track current dosages and if it is making a difference.  I also started noting wake up times, successes and failures to see if it is working.  It looks like a lot but it has been pretty routine and takes 30 seconds after you give it to him or while you are waiting for the dogs to go potty before bed.

We have been on the protocol for 16 days.  We have noticed him making more eye contact, cuddling more, dressing himself with ONLY verbal prompts (including socks), awareness of Stella and what she is doing, awareness of the dogs and laughing AT them, and some more talking/repeating.  We have also noticed more mouthing, stimming with hands and drumming, inability to do academic things he could do before (bear sorting).   My parents see Nolan weekly.  They have noticed some changes including more eye contact and more attentiveness to them–they are excited as we are.

The plan going forward is to continue this dosage, keep taking notes and give it a little more time.  If we are not noticing any more drastic changes (for good or bad-which can actually be a sign of good–“The awakening period”) we will up some of the dosages and then continue to journal.

Fish Oil Gummies
Inulin Powder
approved Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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  1. Hi. I just followed you on Twitter – if you could follow me back and send me a DM I’d very much appreciate a chat about your experience with NP. Many thanks in advance 🙂


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