img_3525The top line of the box says it all–despite their best efforts, people could not resist the powers of busyness.

Alex and I have invested in Dinnerly.  We have found it to be much simpler and easier than the other box dinners we have tried, and much more affordable.  For only $5 a meal per person, we get all the ingredients and directions for simple home style meals.  I am able to cook easy home style meals–allowing us to get all the food groups AND stop the “whats for dinner” question.

img_3523img_3524One way they can charge less is they dont separate out the meals.  So your box comes with the ice pack on bottom with all the cold things including the meat and the not cold things above on the separator.  I purchased 3 (we get 3 meals in a box) ice cube buckets made for the freezer and we separate the meals into those boxes then.  When it comes time to cook, we just pull out the container we want and start cooking.  Another way they save is the recipe cards aren’t printed, but electronically on the app.  Since Alex purchased, he screen shots the recipe to me so I can sort it out and cook.

We have found this meal service to be affordable, easy recipes (don’t quote me on this but I think each recipe only has 6 ingredients plus the home basics: salt, pepper, olive oil, and sugar) and tasty.  Some weeks we pass and use the food we have or remake favorites, but this has been a great in between.

This isn’t an ad, but a crazy busy mom sharing something I use in my crazy busy life to help make it a tad less crazy.

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