Potty training life

Just to share an update and help those attempting to train as well…


I would still consider Nolan in the training phase. He does great at ABA but at home we’re still having many accidents.

4th of July Nolan pooped his pants every day. Every day. 2 weeks after it was about the same with pee added as well.

img_1818We then did some figuring and realized his stools changed greatly and he may not be sure how to go with it being much harder. We got him at the same time every day on the potty squatty potty style with Mickey on and it worked! We have occasional accidents but it’s improving greatly.

Nolan recently had an accident and went in the bathroom and took off his own pants and underwear. He’s getting that he’s wet-that’s new for him.

He also wanted a treat and I told him potty then treat and he sat on the potty and said treat. It was the first time he actually made the connection.

Then just this Friday, WITH A SITTER, he began taking himself to the bathroom, turning the light on, taking his pants down, and getting on the big potty with no seat COMPLETELY ON HIS OWN!  He needs occasional reminders still, but he is a rock star!


I would say she is as far in the training as Nolan if not further. It’s been a week.

img_1719She will pee for treats and also like stickers–and her unicorn. She earned her unicorn in about 3 days.

We also noticed she would go minimally to get the treat and go again in a little bit to get another. We are working on the emptying of the bladder to prevent infections. No treat until you push it all out.)img_2755

img_2740img_2648Both kids- we always have the potty available. Always. By the fire, on the boat, inside, outside, home, in the car, etc.

img_2647img_2779We try to have the kids go on and feel safe on all types of potties so no matter where we go they can go. Port a potty, talk toilets, short toilets, potty seats, little potty-they’ve fine it all.

The hose and carpet shampooer are still my good friends. We have A LOT of pairs of underwear (even though Stella’s are special ordered in 12 month). Even if they start having an accident, we shout, “you are going potty, we need to go to the potty!”  Usually that allows them to stop somewhat and we run (literally) to the potty. We still reinforce for a potty finished on the potty so they know that is the end goal.

Pee pads are great for car trips.  We don’t want to go backwards with pull ups/diapers for car trips so we leave them in underwear, add in many stops, keep that small potty near (for park and rides), and if there is an accident, we can ditch the pad and replace. They do not affect the the tightness of the straps since both kids are still in a 5 point harness.

Please know this is not a science.  I have cried and cried and cried over this.  No parent knows what they are doing and there is no magic prescription.   Yes there are great books that will help and experts, but every kid is different, every experience is different, and your best is all the kids can ask for, even if it leads to the silver sparkles in your hair.  Best wishes and good luck!

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