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I have posted about my anxiety of not going back to teaching.  I have really been having a hard time with it and I think I have found the root to be the fact that when I decided to stay home I was anticipating “teaching” Nolan before he went to school.  You see, he was not showing any signs and had no diagnosis when I left teaching.  None. Therefore, Autism has stolen another “vision” from me.

Knowing the root, I decided to get to work combatting it.  I have decided once a day I am going to do a tutor/home school activity with him, even just  5 minutes, to help him grow academically and to fill my desire to teach him.

We are working on his name. As a former 4k teacher myself I feel this is a very important skill.  He can find his own stuff (locker, desk, name tag, paper, etc) when he knows his name.  Along with his name, we are working on the letters in his name.  Kids learn when things matter so we have tried to make the letters in his name matter to him.

I have caught myself saying many, many times that if I just knew what Nolan liked I would use it to help my teaching, but since he doesn’t like anything I struggle to “connect” with him.  Well, upon more reflection I realized he is a matching pro.  He is matching like a rock star in ABA.  So I took what I now about his matching and his name and we have started matching activities with the letters.  I structure it very similar with similar verbiage to his ABA games so it is another game but with letters.  He is growing and mommy couldn’t be more excited.

The best part? Stella is picking up on it too!  I may be teaching 2 kids who are 2 years apart the same things, but they are learning and that makes my teaching mommy heart so very happy.

**I would also like to note that the learning is happening with the amazing help of skittles/M&Ms, Chalk Full of Design Chalk boards, Kindergarten Toolkit flashcards, and name puzzles received as a gift.**

I am not a rep nor do I get any reimbursement from Chalk Full of Design or Kindergarten Tool Kit, I have just found them on Instagram and fallen in love with their products.

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