Camping/Trip Food

I love my Snapware containers, especially for traveling.  They are stackable and locking. I also label with permanent marker.  I erase when we get home with dry erase marker.

Veggie Pizza
2 packs crescent rolls
1 Cream Cheese
1 Sour Cream
1 DRY Ranch Dressing Packet
Shredded Carrots (can buy shredded or shred your own)

Trip Prep:
Cut florets off broccoli & cauliflower
Put broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots together to store/transport in a ziplock bag
Stir together sauce: (cream cheese, sour cream, ranch pack) store/transport in lidded container

Roll out flat and connected (I do rectangle on cookie sheet).
Cook Crescent rolls according to directions
Spread Sauce
Sprinkle Veggies

img_2390Corn with Jalepeno Honey Butter (adapted from Hello Fresh)
Corn on the Cob
Butter Stick
1 Jalepeno

Trip Prep:
Butter at room temperature
Remove seeds and spine from pepper (depends on spice you like, I wanted flavor but not spice so I removed all and even rinsed under water)
Finely chop pepper
Stir together butter and pepper
Add honey to taste (about 1 TBS)

Cook Corn (we bought in husks, soaked all day, cooked on fire grate rotating about half hour)
(butter may separate a bit, just stir)
Cover corn in butter

img_2381CranTastic Turkey Burgers (adapted from Hello Fresh)
1lb ground turkey
Sage Leaves (fresh)
Small Onion/Shallot
1/4 cup Panko/Break Crumbs
1/2 tsp Thyme
Cranberry/Red Currant Jam
Brioche Buns (we LOVE Aldis!)

Trip Prep:
Mince Sage Leaves
Mince Onion
Make bread crumbs (if you dont have panko, I make toast and put in food processor until break crumbs)
Stir together sage, onion, panko, thyme, turkey
Patty (I put wax paper between layers) store/transport in lidded container
Make cran mayo–stir together mayo and jam and store/transport in lidded container.

Cook patties through (we grill, pan sear works too)
Put on warm bun (on the grill for short time)
Cover in Mayo/jam


Trip Prep:
Cook Bacon (we bake 350* until desired doneness) Store/transport in lidded container
Remove enough lettuce for everyone (instead of whole head) and store/transport in lidded container

warm bacon

img_2378Italian Stir Fry:
Raw Meat of choice (we chose steak and shrimp)
Veggies of Choice (we chose colorful pepper, red onion, and mushrooms)
Italian Dressing

Trip Prep:
Clean up meat, Make bite size.  Put in lidded container (one container for each kind of meat), partially cover with italian dressing
Cut veggies into bite size pieces.  Put in zip lock bag, partially cover in italian dressing.  Put another zip lock bag going the other way for secure storage/transport.

Put meat in pan (taking out of italian dressing), brown/cook. set aside
Cook other meat (if you have another)
Cook Veggies in some dressing until soft
Mix together and serve

img_2388Nutella Stuffed Pancakes:
Pancake mix (I prefer just add water kind for simplicity)

Trip Prep:
Line cookie sheet with wax paper/foil
Dollop nutella on leaving space between
Put Nutella dollops in a ziplock bag
Nutella thaws very easy so return to freezer ASAP
remove from freezer to pack as late as possible and put close to ice, when arrive at destination, get in freezer first

Make pancake mix
Put a drop of mix larger than nutella in pan/griddle
put nutella dollop on pancake
Cover with more mix completely covering nutella.
Flip as usual.

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