About 6 weeks ago (how is it 6 weeks already?!?) I was given the opportunity to try out Monat from a mom friend, Olivia.

I am normally a shower only a few times a week kind of person with all that is going on around this house. I am also a dye to damage my hair in purpose kind of person.ย  I thought I would give this system a try.

I used the oil Tuesday night and then washed my hair Wednesday. I was a little disappointed at first because I have the fine hair I damage on purpose to make it do things, so it didn’t hold the “scrunch” it usually does….but I let it dry and went about my day. Then I put in a few curls in the PM and it looked awesome.
I woke up and the curls were faded but still looked decent and I thought I would try a half-messy bun thing…I usually don’t because then I have to shower the next day because it makes my hair frizzy, but thought why not. Curls still held on bottom. Then, the amazing thing happened. When I took the bun out Thursday night, it wasn’t frizzy snarly mess!
Friday morning I woke up and I popped a bun in again, fixed a couple curls on bottom and still rocking it and it didn’t look dirty at all.
So: Wash Wednesday andย  Friday it is still kicking it.
So my review:
I would recommend it!ย  Even fine hair it allowed it to keep it’s body/get body.ย  PLUS my awkward shower a couple times a week habit is totally supported with this shampoo!
The price is very competitive to a salon shampoo/products.ย  I currently am using drugstore shampoo so adjusting my budget to salon prices is something I still need to do.ย  I am currently using up my stores of shampoos and conditioners (I learned to buy in bulk from my mom) but will definitely adjust in the future!
Left: Tuesday BEFORE I used Monat (it had been 4 days since my last shower)
Middle: Thursday half messy bun and day 2 of curls
Right: Friday messy buns (2 days worth) taken out and curls left a little bit.ย  Still not greasy, still some curl left, and NOT frizzy post messy bun.


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