Products I love–Newest Find

When I come across items I love I want to share them.  One, because I want other moms to have the opportunity/fill the need, but also I want to help out small shops and items I really back-especially if they have a great mission.  I also am a shop boss myself and try to earn some money backing items I really love.  I have updated the SHOP page at the top, with a drop down for Shop from me and Products I love.  Check them out!

******************************* On to todays find!*****************************

apolisI recently found the Apolis bags.  I kept seeing them more and more on social media and I wanted to know why!  After seeing my new blogging friend at Better as Us post her bag on her Instagram, I fell in love.  I did some research and discovered they are super high quality bags that are not only cute but have a GREAT mission!

Read their amazing mission HERE

Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 10.56.39 AMI have my eyes set on a personalized market bag.  These babies can hold up to 130lbs and are waterproof.  Aldi’s, pumpkin patch, beach, you name it!  I am so excited!  I am saving up for the bag as it is a little expensive, but I know how much I am helping by spending my money on it, so when the funding is in place I am ready to rock!

I have a referral link and if you use it you can get a discount to get your stylish, durable, and adorable bag as well help out such a great mission!  SHOP HERE

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