My zoo-summed up in one picture

img_6661.jpgThere is a whole lot going on in this picture!! We have been racking our brains to figure out why Nolan has completely stopped playing with toys.  We are noticing it is possible he stopped playing  with a lot of toys when Stella could take them away. We think he has an “if she’s going to take it, why bother attitude.” His OT suggested having Nolan in a playpen for his own space and so Stella can’t get him–somewhere he can do his stuff and it not get messed up but he can get in and out of on his own. We started it today (and it is helping I think!)

We have learned that Nolan also does better with things if we prep him, often with tv.  At Christmas we watched Blaze episodes of Santa so Nolan wouldn’t be as afraid of him.  When we saw Santa after these he not only went by him, he hugged him!  We watched the episode of Mickey where Pete is the Easter bunny and then showed Nolan high-fiving the Easter bunny last year.  We saw a bunny 2 times this year and he crawled up on his lap, said cheese (literally) and on we went.  Nolan had a hard time with fireworks for Chickenfest (a small fest in the area).  It wasn’t the sound so much as all of it together.  He played the iPad under the blanket the whole time. As a result we decided he probably needs more prepping.  Daddy recorded the news recording of the local fireworks (I laughed they had this but it is in our benefit.)  So here we are, watching the DVR showing of the fireworks.

Stella is being her usual sass and standing on her chair. She is so full of attitude and excitement of danger. She is always standing on something, climbing, doing things with a smile after we tell her no.

And then we have Badger-dog chasing and trying to bite a fly on the window sill.   He went at this for quite some time.  He did fall off the perch and then panic he was stuck between the wall and the standing toy.

Seriously you guys, I can’t make this stuff up! It’s seriously a zoo.

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