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Here products I love to use and make my mom life easier.  Some are affiliate links: ** As an affiliate link I do monetarily benefit from your purchases** Some are just personal reviews.

JLBrands Letter Board

Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 12.43.28 PM

I was contacted by JLBrands to try out their board and if I liked it to write an honest review  I loved it!  It was a large part of our baby announcements!  Check out this item on Amazon.


Left: Tuesday BEFORE I used Monat (it had been 4 days since my last shower)
Middle: Thursday half messy bun and day 2 of curls
Right: Friday messy buns (2 days worth) taken out and curls left a little bit.  Still not greasy, still some curl left, and NOT frizzy post messy bun.

I was given the opportunity to try out Monat from a mom friend, Olivia.  I am normally a shower only a few times a week kind of person with all that is going on around this house. I am also a dye to damage my hair in purpose kind of person.  I thought I would give this system a try.

I used the oil Tuesday night and then washed my hair Wednesday. I was a little disappointed at first because I have the fine hair I damage on purpose to make it do things, so it didn’t hold the “scrunch” it usually does….but I let it dry and went about my day. Then I put in a few curls in the PM and it looked awesome.
I woke up and the curls were faded but still looked decent and I thought I would try a half-messy bun thing…I usually don’t because then I have to shower the next day because it makes my hair frizzy, but thought why not. Curls still held on bottom. Then, the amazing thing happened. When I took the bun out Thursday night, it wasn’t frizzy snarly mess!
Friday morning I woke up and I popped a bun in again, fixed a couple curls on bottom and still rocking it and it didn’t look dirty at all.
So: Wash Wednesday and  Friday it is still kicking it.
So my review:
I would recommend it!  Even fine hair it allowed it to keep it’s body/get body.  PLUS my awkward shower a couple times a week habit is totally supported with this shampoo!
The price is very competitive to a salon shampoo/products.  I currently am using drugstore shampoo so adjusting my budget to salon prices is something I still need to do.  I am currently using up my stores of shampoos and conditioners (I learned to buy in bulk from my mom) but will definitely adjust in the future!

Piper Lou


I found this page because they had an adorable Autism Awareness mug.  I found out that all proceeds of their charity products go to the causes!   How cool is that?!?!  When I got my mug I discovered, it keeps my drinks hot/cold FOR HOURS!  I am in love!  I visit their site for all my Autism (and other great and fun saying needs!) Simply search a cause in their search box!  Shop Here

Apolis Bag


I recently found the Apolis bags.  I kept seeing them more and more on social media and I wanted to know why!  After seeing my new blogging friend at Better as Us post her bag on her Instagram, I fell in love.  I did some research and discovered they are super high quality bags that are not only cute but have a GREAT mission!

Read their amazing mission HERE

Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 10.56.39 AM

I have my eyes set on a personalized market bag.  These babies can hold up to 130lbs and are waterproof.  Aldi’s, pumpkin patch, beach, you name it!  I am so excited!  I am saving up for the bag as it is a little expensive, but I know how much I am helping by spending my money on it, so when the funding is in place I am ready to rock!

I have a referral link and if you use it you can get a discount to get your stylish, durable, and adorable bag as well help out such a great mission!  SHOP HERE

** As an affiliate link I do monetarily benefit from your purchases** 

Chalk Full of Design


I like to pretend Lindsay is my real friend but really she’s an amazing creator with amazing learning tools I met and follow on Instagram.  Chalk Full of Design is super high quality chalk boards that are amazing learning tools and can even be personalized.

We don’t have a lot of materials yet from here as my kids are still young, but flashcards are from KindergartenToolKit.

Healthy Choices/Alternatives

Original Post

  • Cut chemicals in cleaners/detergents when we can.
    • Norwex– for windows, dusting, dry mopping, wet mopping, counter tops
    • Get rid of: windex, pledge, lysol floor cleaner, clorox wipes
    • I have a friend Lauren who sells.  You can contact her on the contact on the top or you can shop her page.  Click HERE
    • Young Living Thieves –multi-surface cleaner
    • Gets rid of: all surface cleaners/wipes
    • I have a friend Sarah who sells.  You can contact her with help on oils that work or to purchase.  email:
    • An Instagram inspiration and mom I follow, MommyTruth who posts a lot about oils and healthy choices–I have learned so much from her.
    • Seventh Generation Wipes, tub and tile, & Toilet bowl cleaner for bathroom
    • Gets rid of: Bleach, Clorox, Clorox wipes
  • Mrs. Meyers hand soaps
  • Use paper or reusable straws vs plastic (Stella is insistent on straws in her chocolate milk)
  • Honest Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Alaffie Bubble Bath (organic)
  • Cut chemical based sunscreens for mineral based (I like babyganics spray–its a little thinner but still mineral based)
  • Cut Deet/Bug spray use IF WE CAN–we have had a bout of mosquitoes that could not be combatted with any oils, natural remedies, etc.  when bugs are normal I use babyganics essential oil based bug spray–We are trying the Ubdyo Ultrasonic Mosquito repellant this summer!
  • Coconut oil can work wonders on millions of things.  I haven’t cooked with it, but use it for many other reasons.  I use for: make up remover, moisturizer, lotion, dandruff spots, cradle cap, baby (under 6 months) sunscreen (in addition to shade), diaper rash starting, dry skin spots on the kids. (I put this particular liquid one in one of those travel kit spray bottles to easily spritz in all those locations/uses)
  • Look into getting an app to let you know how good or bad your stuff is.  I try ThinkDirty
  • There are some cosmetic companies that are cutting out their chemicals and toxins!
    • Crunchi
      • My friend Ashley has an amazing healthy choices facebook group with a Crunchi link.  Click HERE
    • Arbonne
      • My friend Maggie uses her instagram to share healthy choices as well as many great Arbonne products as healthy alternatives.  Click HERE.
  • I shop at Aldi and if you shop Aldi brand (simply nature) you will find many of the food no nos NOT on the ingredients list!
  • Food swap outs-
    • Annie’s Mac n Cheese for Kraft
    • Organic bunnies for Cheeze-its and Goldfish
    • Simply Nature brand whenever we can
    • I want to note: Nolan is particular about some foods.  They are specific and I would rather him fed than not–Oreos, Mini-Muffins, clear sodas, coco puffs, etc.  We are improving where we can but sometimes mama’s sanity matters too!  Fed is best.