School + Therapy organization

Nolan is in an ABA center, a speech center, and a public school system.ย  With each of those comes folders, “homework,” paperwork, permission slips, payments due, etc.ย  With so much going on for a 4 year old, I knew a system was going to need to be in place to help us stay organized–especially as more kids got into schools.ย ย 

We do not have a wall that can be a command center.  We have a wall for coats, bags, and mittens. This helps with routine as well as getting out the door.  Go to the door, put on shoes (sit on steps, pregnant bellies don’t have to bend when they are couple steps up), get coat, get backpack (mom currently loads), and go.  Come home, put shoes on steps, hang backpack, hang coat.  

The paperwork/homework center includes: a file shelf for holding papers and an affirmation.ย  The file tray is sorted in a way that allows me to have them drop (as they get older) on top, me sort and put down on school paper work and therapy paper work shelves.ย  They will then take folders off the top (me currently) and load into the backpacks. The bins contain art supplies and educational games.ย  Again, these will change as they age but for now, it is what we are working with based on all the things these two currently use.

They currently have the art wall with a small table to work on and use the supplies.  As they grow, I’m sure the table will fade out and the materials will change, but the wall can be more of a home base and still contain supplies.

I don’t love the current system, but it is a system that will work for now.  Space is limited and with everyone so young we have a lot of things that they will outgrow and our space can evolve.  

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