Weighted Blanket
I purchased our first one off Etsy and the seller is no longer active.  The rule is 1lb of blanket to every 10lbs of kid.  Nolan has a 3lb toddler size blanket, so Nolan grew and we got him a new, heavier blanket from Amazon.
Bed Sock-from Boston’s Bed Soxz
Helps Nolan sleep by giving him deep pressure all night. Also is a great sensory break when he tunnels in it and back out.  We have one on a crib mattress for travel and a twin for his daily bed.  They are made larger as well.

Purchased off of Amazon.  Also purchases ceiling anchors, ropes, and clips.  This swing allows for vestibular pressure, fun, and a cozy place to hang out.  Nolan has loved it greatly, and Stella does too! Very affordable.


We purchased off a discount site (google search, shopping)  I believe it was jet or something, but here is the link to the one we have. We love the size–big but not huge–they can get in without a step.  It fits in our garage in the winter to give them some exercise and vestibular work in the winter as well.


We use ArkTherapeutics chewlery for Nolan. When we first got it, he was not a chewer,he was more of a mouther so we got the soft. Since we got the chewlery, he has been using it appropriately and has become more of a chewer so we have moved up in hardness.  He likes the ones with texture more.  We shorten the strings (push through the clasp on one side, cut, re-knot, pull back into clasp).


Sensory Bubble Tube
We got the tube after Nolan loved his at his ABA Center’s new sensory room.  Both kids love to watch the fish and bubbles.  Nolan does like to hit it when he’s excited so we did purchase a wall bracket to hold it.  We actually haven’t installed it yet though because we put it in a location that if he bumps it it can only tip into a wall.

Fidget/Busy Cube
Wooden busy cube that Nolan has fallen in love with. His favorite side is the gears. I love the durability and testing she does, but I also how cute it is! BZ Littles has GREAT wooden fidgets/busy boards and other toys too!

Nolan has an iPad with the speech technology ProLoQuo2Go. It is great to personalize with images while giving him a voice.

FatBrain Toys SpinAgain
This spinner toy has provided visual stimulation, fine motor skills, turn taking, and independent play for Nolan. It has been a great toy in our house and may be a good one in yours, too.

NeeDoh Ball
This sensory squishy ball has provided great fine motor strengthening, independent play, and “open” requests in our home. It has been great for Nolan, us, and Stella, too.

Toddler Monitor
This has been great. It sends an alarm (vibrate, sound, both) to your phone when there is any motion. We are currently using it on the bedroom door once he goes to bed for the night. It is allowing us to wake up faster when he does and track the times he is waking. In the summer, Nolan has a tendency to let himself outside. He stays in the yard, but it is still important to us to know he went out. In the summer we plan on putting one of these on the garage door and the back patio door (with a command hook). The monitors currently have 3 to a smart phone, but with Nolan’s room, Stella’s room (when she is in a bed), the 2 outside doors, that is 4. I have contacted their customer service asking of the possibility of adding more monitors to a phone. They have mentioned not a lot of requests for it, but that they would look into it. If this would be a fit to you, please reach out. This is a great fit for us and peace of mind and it may be to your family as well.

3 sided toothbrush
This toothbrush has allowed us to get in and out quickly. The brushing with this toothbrush allows us to get the inside and outside and tops of teeth simultaneously. The speeding of the process with efficiency has helped us out greatly.

These fun sensory toys make bath fun and have kept Nolan engaged in the bath. He is learning cause and effect when he takes them out of the water and they turn off and he puts them down and they light up.

Nemechek Protocol

Fish Oil Gummies 
Inulin Powder
approved Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Picture Schedule
I created the pictures schedule on my own using for the clip art and then pictures of the locations in which he goes as well. We haven’t done super detailed, more for a first then and bedtime routine. I have laminated them to help with them last longer.
***I also have a Technology time/Chore chart available as a freebie.

Fridge Locks