I find blogging and having the knowledge that by my sharing my journey, others will not feel as lone in the world.

I was married to my high school sweet heart and love of my life on June 25, 2011.  It was an amazing day that was the start of this amazing life we now live.  Alex will occasionally guest blog and share his perspective of being a parent in this crazy house.

We have rescued our Puggle in February 2012.  He was our first baby.  Then we purchased Badger from the newspaper after we were struggling getting pregnant and I needed a baby to love.

After a difficult time getting pregnant, months of modified bed rest for irritable uterus, and a couple other scares, we finally had our miracle little boy, Nolan Alex, on August 21, 2014.  Nolan is a bright boy who has brought (and continues to bring) so much joy to our life.

After Nolan’s first birthday and with no difficulty at all, we got pregnant again.  After a scare with her heart, very small head, and more irritable uterus but not being put on bed rest this time, Stella Rose was born on June 2, 2016.

Stella’s birthday was also my last day of school and teaching 4 year old kindergarten–a job I absolutely loved and had a huge part of my heart and identity.  I chose to stay home with the two kids and watch them grow into little people.

September 1, 2016- a week and half after Nolan’s second birthday, my teaching training kicked in and I realized the quirks, regression, and difficulties Nolan was experiencing could not be linked to being 2, being a new big brother, and being just plain quirky.  After tests, pediatrician visits, referrals, more referrals, and then finally an autism assessment, Nolan was diagnosed with level 2/3 (but going with 2) autism on January 10, 2017.

Join me as I navigate all these many roles and hopefully offer someone who is also going through one, some, or all of these situations some sort of community, camaraderie, and peace.