New on the blog –Boss Mom

I am not only trying to be a mom of 2 littles living this crazy mom life, an Autism mom who fights for her kid (and emotions through it all), but I am also a Boss Mom trying to do whats best for my family!

New on the blog we have “Shop-Boss Mom page.  This page contains an e-commerce page, a #bookladygloudemans page, AND items I create that I would be happy to create for you, too!  Always message/comment or send an email to (all contact info is in the header too) if you want something specific, want it personalized, etc.

Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 12.30.48 PM

I wanted a place for you to be able to shop for and use the things we love! The E-commerce page (first link) will provide you with a link to items we love. We add to it often as more comes available. If I am posting about an item I use/promote, I will note it in the blog post and link to the shop page.

#Bookladygloudemans will be linked to my VIP page and my e-commerce page for that.  You can choose me as your consultant and party.  I would always be happy to help you personally shop and find all you need.  You can contact me in the same contact fields above.

The items I make for parties, organization, and even some Autism Awareness stuff will be posted.  Again, if I make some thing and have the item for sale, I will link to this page so you can purchase as well.  Always feel free to contact/comment for personalization.

I’d love love love to help you pick something out that is perfect for you! Let me know how I can help!  Help me be a rock star #bossmom for my family.

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