Stella is 2

92d84b89-1c90-4b64-b5b6-ab346bc466aaStella is 2 years old. She weighs 19.6 pounds and is 31 inches tall– making her in the 1%.  We talked a lot to the doctor about whether or not this is a concern.  Basically, according to the CDC (center for disease control) data, she fell off the curve–BUT that curve is based off of only US and can be somewhat skewed.  According to the WHO (World Health Organization) she is riding the 1%.  Now that could still be concerning if she was sick, wasn’t eating well, etc, but since that is not the case, he said he feels confident she is still thriving and just thriving small.

Stella LOVES singing, reading, Noley, and her Daddy. She loves to tell me no, but always has to think about it first, “ummmmmm no!” But will think about and say yes when it’s what she wants. This does include a timeout-she thinks they are funny and will say yes to timeout vs the original request 🙄. She loves the hose, especially running it on her legs. She likes to jump on the trampoline and the bed. She has an eye for the iPad that the second Nolan puts it down she is on it.

She can count to 15, sings her abcs, knows and does the sign of the cross & our bedtime prayer, learns a song after watching it on YouTube only a couple times, and learns a new word simply by making eye contact with you and you saying it a couple times.  She knows the words to at least 15 children’s songs and growing every day.

Her language and sentence structure is blowing me away. I kid you not just today:
Me: “Stella want to eat out side?”
S: “no I don’t like it outside. I eat in house, right there, up the steps…tiiiime to eaaaaat! At the table!”

She must be on you when sitting with you. She loves to snuggle and will part you in the back when you hold her. She will give high fives and then require a knucks, too.

img_0675img_0613She had been doing some brand repping (small shops give you a discount on their items in return for the rights to pictures of your child using/in them.) she can ham it up and she can flat out refuse… it’s up to her 😆

She takes about five minutes to warm up to people from grandparents/aunts uncles, friends, and even strangers. Once she’s warmed up, you’re stuck with her 😉.

ndf24CAfQWC52cCiBKUZ0wHer love of her brother astounds me. She has gone from needing EVERYTHING he has (ok she still does that)– “Stella too! Stella too!” to now if she gets something she makes sure Noley gets one too. “and Noley too! Noley too!”  She must crawl into bed with him every night for the story and prayer. She is also starting to watch out for his safety–Nolan tried going outside and she exclaimed, “I see Bob.  *gasp* No, Noley!  We inside!”

This girl’s ability to adapt, love, and learn is astounding to me.  I am so proud of this little peanut, our beanie baby.  She is just the little extra something we needed in our lives.


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