House Cleaning

img_4802I am not a clean freak by any means.ย  I probably should clean more often and deeper, but I also want to stay sane and make the task manageable.ย  I also love the look of changing the house for the seasons/holidays.

For every season, I change out our mantle, home decor.ย  I take it upon myself to dust the whole house when I put the new decor up…no reason to put the decor on dust. Then I pick one big project to do at that time.ย  Shampoo the carpets, wash the windows/stainless, wash the curtains, wash the couch blankets, sort through a closet, vacuum the furniture etc.

Now, sometimes necessity makes these happen sooner–potty training (ugh), sick on blankets, cheesy cheeto fingerprints on the curtains, the in-laws are coming (my father in law is allergic to dogs so when they graciously offer to babysit I work to vacuum the furniture and floors and dust if there is time).

Take your time, do manageable chunks, and you can have a livable house.ย  It is when we try to move mountains or build Rome in a day we get burnt out and struggle with it all.

If all else fails:
Image credit: Busy Mom’s Helper

Christmas down/New Year up: Shampoo Carpets,ย & Edging floor boards with crevice tool
New Year down/Valentines up: Vacuum Couches, windows
Valentines down/St. Patrick up:ย  vacuum out couch (yes, took the flaps off and vacuumed out the couch–in my defense it started with looking for a puzzle piece-which I found!), Coat Closet (needing less winter stuff)
St. Patrick down/Easter up: Size out bins in Nolan’s closet, All curtains washed with scent boosters

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